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Trainings in December 2014
1.Connected Communities and Internet of Things, PJ
Trainings in November 2014
1.Advances in LTE – Evolutions to Recent Development, PJ
2.A Practical Guide to Mobile Network Planning, PJ
3.Effective Strategies in Mobile Network Rollout, PJ
4.High Impact Mobile Network Technical Support, PJ
Events in October 2014
1.Connected Communities and Internet of Things: Building Value through Visibility, PG
9:00 am - 5:00 pm, PSDC, Penang
Trainings in October 2014
1.Internet Protocol (IP) Convergence in Mobile Networks, PJ
Trainings in September 2014
1.Optical Communication Systems, Shah Alam
2.Mobile and Wireless Networking Lanscape: Past, Present and Future, Shah Alam
3.Huawei HCNA-LTE Certification, PJ
Trainings in August 2014
1.TTT in Datacom, Cyberjaya
2.TTT in Optical Communications, Cyberjaya
3.All-IP Telco Network, Cyberjaya
4.Huawei Mobile Broadband Backhaul Certification
5.Wireless Communication Essentials - System, Techniques and Technology, PJ
6.Essential Mobile Network Concepts, PJ
7.Understanding Techniques and Challenges in Mobile Network Site Survey, PJ
Trainings in July 2014
1. Mobile Boradband Backhaul Level 1a
2. Network Operations
Trainings in June 2014
1. Data Communications
2. Fiber Optic Infrastructure
3. MDeC-Huawei TTT Program (Optical Communications)
4. MDeC-Huawei TTT Program (Data Communications)
5. All-IP Telco Network
Trainings in May 2014
1. EMC Regulations and Measurement
2. Fiber Optic Infrastructure

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ICONIX main businesses are in the provision of professional services focusing on talents development and human capital development (HCD) in the E&E, ICT and Telco industry.